Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As long as I can scream, childbirth is not that daunting. If I lost the use of my vocal chords, though, we'd have a problem. I tried "hypnobirthing" with my second baby, which is just deep relaxation. It helped a little in the beginning of labor. But as the process ramped up, I had to move and moan. And when it was time for that baby to come out, I had to make a lot of noise.

Dancing helps too. I danced my third baby into the world. I was almost ready to push him out before I knew what was happening. I just kept dancing and adjusting my playlist to my mood. It was the easiest labor so far - except that it kept stopping and starting. That was torture. But I found there was even a reason behind that rhyme. It was my first baby boy, and I hadn't blessed him yet. I was afraid to let him out into the world. Once I spoke my blessing over him, it was time for the yelling to start. He was in my arms within the half hour.

I'm a little addicted to it, the whole process of bringing babies into the world. Of course, there's the initial fun. But I'm talking about birth itself. You have the babies, their little bodies so much solider than you expect as you gather them up that first time, skin softer than anything you can imagine, as soft as some internal organ that's never seen the light of day. But the actual birthing can be addictive. When except in a birthing room or by a death bed are you as close to the primordial heartbeat of Life itself? In that dim room with what feels like the whole earth moving in your body, when you are as helpless as you will ever be, you are in touch with the Source, the meaning of it all. There is nothing more real than childbirth.

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  1. Oooh girl, I'm with you on how sacred and earthy it is to bring a little life into the world. I couldn't have birthed either babe without gutteral moans coming forth. It just couldn't have happened. For me, the sheer power of it all is amazing...both the power of the life inside that's coming forth and the power of the woman who is working with the baby, her body, and her Maker. It was a profoundly empowering, life-altering experience. I do grieve that I likely won't have that utterly unique experience again - oh, the sweet, soft skin and the first little cries. Yet even with all that beauty to embrace, I'm not addicted...I remember saying to my DH just before transition, "I'm encouraged that when Zoe is born, I'll never have to do this again" ;) Now, I must go to sleep because she is asleep and DLS time is tonight. See you at church!