Thursday, February 28, 2013


Oh Baby of my heart, blue-eyed, dimpled wonder,
I can't get enough of you.
I want to drink you in and
Feed on you in the center of my being,
Because I don't have enough time,
Even with you in the pouch
Swinging with the motion
Of all the many, many other things I'm doing.
I am bonded to you,
You are a part of me.
If you were missing, it would be as if an arm were gone.
You are a part of my every day in a deeper place than consciousness.
But I want to be conscious of you.
I take you out,
Look, look, look at you,
Kiss, kiss, kiss you,
Make you laugh - show those dimples -
(I'm the only one who can,
So far.)
I drink you in,
Breathe you in,
Freeze this moment in my mind,
Even as it passes,
Through my hands,
Not like sand, like water.
But you remain -
Thank you!
You wonder,
You miracle,
You piece of heaven,
Nothing matches baby laughter,
I trust this joy you bring me
Is a part of me forever
And so are you.
Come from me,
Let go from me,
Borne from me
To your purpose
And on, and on,
You go, and you will go.
But you are joined to me forever
There will never come a time when I am not
Your mommy,
The one who bore you.
I trust the God who made
And you
And me
And Us together.
He made a day to have 24 hours,
8 consigned to unconsciousness.
And he made you and me and Us together.
I trust that even though my brain is fuzzy
From flying along in a thousand directions,
Your essence is getting in,
Sticking, staying.
I cherish these precious moments that pass so quickly,
And still I am glad when you are sleeping
On your belly in your bed
And I can sit with Daddy on the sofa
And let my fuzzy brain float on a river of mindlessness.
I need that time too,
God knows.
God knows.


I have a little girl

Lovely as the woods
Over clearings growing.
Very dark she is, her
Eyes are pools of darkness.

You wonder what she's thinking,
Or what depths are stirring,
Under lashes long and blinking.